Are you the only Marketo user in your entire company? Do you often try to speak “Marketo” with your co-workers and get a blank stare? Well here is a great way to meet people that won’t run away when you talk about Munchkin code or Revenue Cycle Models – MUG Meetings! What are MUGs and why should you attend? Here are 5 reasons why MUG meetings will make your Marketo customer experience ROCK!

What is a MUG anyway?

A Marketo User Group or “MUG” as they’re often called are free, region specific meetings held by customers for customers. That’s right, MUG Leaders are customers just like you.

Tip #1: Join your Marketo User Group in the Community Before you attend a Marketo User Group meeting the first thing you should do is request access to join a MUG Group in the Marketo Community. Click here to see a list of all active user groups and find the one in your area.

Tip #2: RSVP for your next Marketo User Group Once you’re accepted, you should make sure to note the next Marketo User Group meeting by clicking ‘Attend’ on the event. This will let your user group leaders know how many people to expect and will pop the event into your calendar.

Tip #3: Learn from the Experts Stay current on all things Marketo. Your Marketo User Group leaders will ask local Marketo experts, Champions and even Partners will present on interesting topics and new Marketo features.

Tip #4: Network Opportunities Don’t leave your business cards at home! This is a great place to meet with users and partners that you may want to collaborate with in future.

Tip #5: Keep the Discussion Going in the Community Don’t forget to keep the conversation going on your community Marketo User Group page.  Help your fellow user group members by answering questions and participate in active discussions. Marketo User Group leaders will often look at active discussion to determine the agenda for next the meeting.

Sign Up for Your First MUG Meeting Today! PS: Join a Marketo User Group (MUG) through June 16th and earn an EXTRA 400 points in the Marketo Community!