By Kelly Abner July 13, 2017

Engagement Marketing – Personalizing the Customer Journey

You’re planning a roadtrip across America, starting in San Diego and ending in Boston. You have a little time, so you want to see a lot of different things: the Grand Canyon in Arizona, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Carhenge in Nebraska, and maybe The Lost Sea in Tennessee. So you map your route using your GPS system in your car or on your phone or tablet.

Now imagine that your phone, tablet, or GPS system doesn’t just lead you to those sites, but knows your preferences and is more pro-active:

These are examples of personalization. It might seem extreme, but think about it in terms of delivering the right information, at the right time, and on the right (or multiple channel), engaging your prospect at every step along the way. That’s the goal of your MarTech Stack.

Can Your MarTech Stack Deliver Personalization?

Take the Engagement Marketing Maturity Model (EM3) assessment, a fast and easy self-assessment to measure your team’s use of different types of marketing technologies. Answer a few questions and discover your level of engagement in five different dimensions, including Engagement Marketing.

EM3 Results are rendered as engagement stages using the acronym PACE:

Results also include tips and benefits to increasing your PACE. Take the EM3 assessment today!

Set Your PACE!

Kelly Abner

About Perkuto:
For marketing leaders wrestling with revenue growth and proving impact of marketing, Perkuto provides services that map revenue goals to marketing strategy and executes on initiatives that increase marketing and sales team productivity. As a Marketo Platinum Partner, we excel at implementing and integrating MarTech systems into your processes with a high level of expertise and a deep bench of certified consultants.

One response to “Engagement Marketing – Personalizing the Customer Journey”

  1. Dave says:

    I get that this is just musing on possibilities, this seems more the right ads at the wrong time? A little social responsibility goes a long way,

    I do not want to be reading lots of emails each night (word gets out!) about the next days’ coffee and buns when I am on holiday, I would prefer if my email or the senders gave me a break! Ok with any emergency warning emails – major roadworks, storms, riots, booked restaurant closed. The opportunity to sell was whilst I was planning in the weeks ahead.

    I do not want additional roadside distractions whilst driving on unfamiliar roads e.g. “hey Dave, look that billboard is offering you personally a discount”, especially if I would rather catch some scenery with the occasional safe glance.

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