We are very excited to announce that we’ve launched the Engagement Marketing Maturity Model – or EM3 as we like to call it. The EM3 is an assessment tool consisting of a few questions on each of the following dimensions:

  • People and Processes – What does your marketing department look like? How does it operate?

  • Marketing Automation – To what extent are you leveraging your marketing automation tool?

  • MarTech Adoption – What’s in your MarTech stack?

  • Customer Engagement – How are you interacting with potential/current customers?

  • Measurement – How are you reporting  your data?

Why it Matters

Engagement Marketing Maturity Model

You need to understand where your marketing team is at in order to develop a solid strategy to take your team to a desired state. The questions in the EM3 model are designed to provide you with a clearer picture of where your team stands when it comes to the five dimensions outlined above.

To move forward, and navigate to your desired state, you must understand where you stand. The results from the assessment should be used to help your team better understand its current state and use this information to develop a road map to help you get to your desired state. The strategies used by your team in regards to the individual dimensions should be aligned to support overall KPIs and initiatives from the marketing and sales teams.

Set your PACE

To take the 10 minute assessment, visit perkuto.com/em3. Once you’ve completed the necessary information, your results will be populated and presented to you in real-time. The results provided include actionable steps you can implement to take your engagement marketing to the next level. You will be presented with a percentage score and a level (overall and per dimension).

Measure your P.A.C.E. with Perkuto's EM3 Assessment Tool

The levels, or the PACE as we refer to them, are defined as follows:


  • You have connected Marketing Automation with your CRM.

  • You collect information.

  • You run basic campaigns, nurturing, scoring and reports.

  • But that’s it. You don’t know exactly what’s working and what’s not working.


  • You use the information you collect to create meaningful campaigns.

  • You have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.


  • You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re doing it right.

  • Your target audience sees you as a very efficient and compelling company but they don’t necessarily feel connected.


  • You can engage your target audience and create a relationship that feels real and human and founded on trust and care.

What’s your PACE? Find out now!