We had an amazing response to our second Coffee MUG webinar “Digital Marketing Predictions for 2019”; a huge thanks to all who attended. For those of you who weren’t able to join us, here’s a quick recap.

Featuring Carrie Merchant, Director of Customer Experience at Mintigo, Brad Stephenson, Senior Director of Client Services from Level.Agency, Michele Albanese, Partnership Marketing at Drift and yours truly, we covered a variety of topics in the webinar, including what digital marketers need to be focusing on in 2019, what game changers we should anticipate and what 2019 being the “year of the brand” means for marketers. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

Let data help refine your focus

Data was a huge topic of discussion, with Carrie from Mintigo stressing its importance as something marketers will need to focus on in 2019. From a B2B perspective, she suggests finding the right accounts in your prospect list with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus on the “right” accounts instead of all accounts, meaning those that are showing significant signs/interest in purchasing your product or a product similar to yours.

Then, Carrie suggested developing a deeper understanding of these accounts by layering on intent signals. This not only helps refine your audience, but also provides key data to help understand relevant topics for marketing to craft more relevance and personalized content.

Video as a game changer

In terms of game changes for 2019, “video” was mentioned by several of our experts. Brad from Level.Agency spoke about how it will be more important than ever to build a product video strategy, capturing as much footage as possible so you can frequently repurpose assets and developing a detailed production plan that considers various ad dimensions and durations.

Facebook was another game changer on Brad’s radar, especially for B2C companies—he anticipates Facebook Instant Experiences (formerly Canvas) will pop up more and more in feeds, as they’re now more user-friendly and offer a full ad experience for mobile users within the ads platform.

Create a brand strategy beyond your site

Many of the predictions we received for our “Digital Marketing Predictions: What 2019 Holds for Marketers, Consumers & Technology” eBook talked about 2019 being the “year of the brand” so we asked our webinar participants what this meant for marketers and what kind of impact it would have on marketing?

Michele from Drift took the perspective that we live in a world of infinite supply, with thousands of vendors available to meet your every need, each of them trying to sell you what they offer. How are you as a consumer supposed to sift through the noise? According to Michele, the answer is brand. Remember, buyers have all of the power; before they even visit your site, they’re talking with connections in the community, looking at reviews and generally have an understanding (and opinion) of who you are by the time they land on your site. It’s imperative you have a strategy for your online presence beyond your site.

Ready or not, the new year is here

Thanks again to all who joined us for the webinar and asked great questions; it’s clear that getting a jump on the new year is something many of us want to do! If you missed the webinar, no worries; our on-demand presentation is available. And, don’t forget to download our eBook “Digital Marketing Predictions: What 2019 Holds for Marketers, Consumers & Technology” for insights from other marketing thought leaders.