Delivering your blog content in emails is a great tactic to engage with your audience and grow your website traffic all while optimizing your existing content. It’s also good alternative to the geeky RSS Feed tools and a good way to better serve your audience by adapting communications to users preferences.  

Change nothing, do nothing

Having the necessary tools and technology really do make or break your ability to implement this simple tactic. Many of our clients knocked at our door asking for something simple to use that would integrate to their marketing automation platform. Those who found a workaround would paste their blog content and manually fire the email campaign. Alternatively they would use one of the many generic RSS to email solution on the market. But more manual work or using (yet again) an external tool is something that none of us stand for as it deprives you from using Marketo assets (templates, forms, lists) and there goes campaign history, centralized email performance statistics or hooking lead scoring, analytics or further automation to it. Here is the good news: building on a solution that Marketo used on their own site, we decided to give it our own twist and make it available to all! Change nothing to the way you used to work and do nothing while our RSS-To-Email application service works automatically and seamlessly with your Marketo.  

Using Tokens to connect Marketo with your Blog Feed

The Marketo program itself is a standard program with an email, a list and a campaign. Periodically, the RSS-To-Email application will execute, fetching your blog RSS feed, injecting the content in your email template (using the Marketo API) and triggering the campaign to send the email automatically to your subscriber.  

Goodbye grunt work and disconnected tools, hello RSS-To-Email automation!