Yes, and you also should know how to fix a jet engine, cook this lethally poisonous fish called Fugu and probably give an hint to NASA when they have to solve hard physics problems.

In any situation, knowing more is better than less, Marketo does not count as an exception but still; Marketo has been thought and built to be used without a clue of coding!

No coding according to Marketo

Marketo is basically an enormous code creation tool where, instead of dropping your code line by line, you drag and drop filters or triggers, and follow a process, ‘Smart List’, ‘Flows’, ‘Schedule’. It will compile code through a Nurturing Program, a Webinar, Lead Scoring, you name it. And you won’t have to deal with a simple line of code.

Somehow coding in Marketo helps

Some coding in Marketo is required. For example, to create asset template you need HTML and CSS code in the beginning. But remember, you’re a marketer, not a graphic designer. Being able to change a button or add an editable section may only help you save time.

When it’s time to implement API integration, knowing those basics helps — Especially on Forms where you can do so many things, like preventing personal and competitor email addresses (read: How to prevent specific email addresses with forms 2.0 )

But Marketo is right, you can achieve many things without knowing how to code. Marketo has made its tool easier to use for novices and more capable for advanced users. To become an advanced user, you’ll need to know how to code or have a developer in your team. If you are a one man band then do not worry. Before you get a hard stop for not knowing how to code, you will have achieved many great builds in Marketo!

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