Parts of its live webinar serie, Marketo presented on Wednesday Cloudwords for Marketo, a new solution for automating the translation of Marketo emails, landing pages and any others campaigns elements, now available in LaunchPoint.

You are already a Marketo user? And you want to expand your marketing campaign into global markets? This solution might be designed for you.

Cloudwords, what is it?
Cloudwords is a cloud-based technology built to help company to automate, manage and analyze their content localization process. This solution automates the globalization of content from/to a marketing automation platform, CMS, as well as the workflows among translation vendor and internal team.

Marketo integration, what does it mean?
Cloudwords offers integration capabilities for Marketo, enabling users to accelerate and simplify the process of localizing all types of marketing content: emails, landing pages, video, html, snippets and more. No need to pull out content from Marketo or put it back in, Cloudwords does it for you. No module installation is required, the connection with Marketo takes about 90 seconds.

Cloudwords for Marketo, how does it work?
After connecting your Marketo instance to Cloudwords, 3 steps are required to get to work localizing your marketing campaign:

1- Pick your marketo content that you want to translate (email, landing pages, snippets and more)
2- Cloudwords automatically fetches your selected Marketo content, and routes it to your translation vendor via an XLIFF file
3- After your vendor returns the translated content to Cloudwords, the content is synced back into Marketo in the desired format.

What are the benefits?
Producing and delivering multilingual content for global business is often a painful, time-consuming and cost-prohibitive process. Until now, marketers who need to localize their Marketo Asset in multi languages have to do it manually, copy and paste their source content into a document they send to their translation vendor. Cloudwords automates and accelerates the entire translation process and consequently lower translation costs.