If you’re like many marketers, the whole Center of Excellence (CoE) thing isn’t feeling so excellent anymore—in fact, it’s feeling darn near like a bottleneck, slowing down progress among amazing companies whose staffers and consultants are spread out all over the nation (and sometimes the world) in remote offices, trying to get things done. We could only do a better job if the “powers that be” would give us the autonomy to do our jobs, right?

(I can see some of you already getting nervous because you know what’s coming.)

So let’s get rid of the CoE and empower all of our marketers to create and launch campaigns; that’ll clear the bottleneck, scalability will skyrocket and revenues will certainly follow, right? Perhaps…or what if one of our team’s well-meaning but hurried marketers will send out a message that is so off-brand and tone-deaf that it makes our company go viral for all the WRONG reasons, causing customers to boycott our business.

Rock, meet hard place. So now what? Perkuto has an answer.

CoE Limitations and Alternatives…and Jeto

Join us at 11AM on Tuesday, February 12, for the webinar “Center of Excellence is Dead.” We’ll talk not only about its limitations but will also discuss alternatives to help companies achieve greater agility.

We’ll also give participants an in-depth demo of Jeto, our Marketo app that lets marketing leaders delegate campaign creation and launch activities to anyone on their team, even those non-technical members with no prior Marketo experience. Bridging a gap for marketers who want the best of a CoE experience but need the autonomy that a decentralized model provides, Jeto gives organizations a ton of flexibility.

Get More Info

Learn more about Jeto, which just came out of beta, in our press release. Then make sure to reserve your spot for the Center of Excellence webinar so you can understand what’s next for smart marketers. Or even better, schedule a personal demo of Jeto and see the difference yourself.