What happens when you gather a group of marketing automation experts, the leading marketing operations teams, and a mixologist?

Meet Workato on the Rocks, a virtual event that shares the art of the possible related to enterprise automation. This event features hands-on demos from Perkuto and Workato’s subject matter experts, seasonal cocktails, and yes, even lessons from a mixologist.

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Last month, Perkuto and Workato hosted the first Workato on the Rocks event. This boutique, invite-only event began with a group of marketing operations leaders learning step-by-step how to make the event cocktail (and mocktail), and what better fall drink than an Old Fashioned?

“With the Workato on the Rocks event, our goal was to have attendees socialize while sipping on cocktails and enjoying the comforts of a smaller, more intimate event. We felt a smaller group would allow everyone to forge more meaningful connections and of course, blow their minds with the power of marketing automation.” John Francis, Demand Generation Director at Perkuto.

Once the mixologist wrapped up his lesson (and the fairly competitive cocktail trivia session), subject matter experts Amanda Giacobassi, Justin Norris, and David Kreiter “mesmerized the (slightly tipsy) audience with rapid-fire sessions covering ways to streamline event processes, how to integrate product data into your email strategy, and end-to-end automation for recurring events,” as Jon Kent, Director of Enterprise Sales at Perkuto, puts it.

Just take a look at David Kreiter’s presentation on how Workato’s automation capabilities can save users time and enhance reporting capabilities when it comes to online conferences.


In David’s presentation, he speaks on his team’s experience running two large-scale conferences, Automate and Magic. With these conferences being just four months apart, there was a great opportunity to take the learnings and wins from the first conference to the next one.

One of the key takeaways that David’s team found was that native integrations oftentimes hinder:

  • Automation, speed, and efficiency of tasks
  • Sales insight into registrant and attendee data
  • How to define revenue attribution for events

From here, David shared how Workato can solve those pain points above.

See an example of how Workato streamed attendance information into various platforms at the session-level. The Recipe transformed data from a .csv to get it down to the session level (who attended what and for how long), streamed data into a marketing automation system, which then flowed into their CRM.

So, will there be another Workato on the Rocks?

“As a result of the positive feedback, our teams are looking forward to hosting another Workato event in Q1 of 2022. With this event, 100% of attendees stayed engaged from start to finish.” Ana Glumac, Partner Marketing Manager at Workato.

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“High-value content and a very well-orchestrated event, which undoubtedly impressed everyone in attendance!” Jon Kent, Director of Enterprise Sales at Perkuto

We all know FOMO is real, which is why we’re offering a waitlist for the next event.

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