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Who Doesn’t Love a Good #GDPR Chuckle?

2019-08-07T11:56:12-04:00By |

Marketers, how are you holding up? Are you keeping your chin up as you continue to plug along in your GDPR preparations? I’m right there with you—I know the path to GDPR compliance has not been an easy journey. And if you’re feeling like me, you might be in need of a little GDPR comic relief right about now. So in our continuous quest to support ou

Is Legitimate Interest a Legitimate Loophole for GDPR Consent?

2019-08-07T11:56:27-04:00By |

Just when you thought GDPR was confusing enough, enter the topic of “legitimate interest.” Many of you have asked about it, wondering if you can bypass obtaining express consent opting for legitimate interest instead. I can almost hear the glimmer of hope in your voice as you ask...could legitimate interest be my saving grace for updating permissio

GDPR Requirements for Consent: What You Need to Know

2019-08-07T11:56:41-04:00By |

If “the art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge,” then webinar attendees left our GDPR presentation a whole lot smarter. For those of you who missed our recent webinar, “Fearless Marketing Strategies for GDPR World,” you missed a good discussion. The most popular topic of the day was “consent.” We had many questions regar

Chicken Soup for the GDPR Soul

2019-08-07T11:56:52-04:00By |

Growing up, did your mom ever say those cute, inspiring quotes—you know, the ones that make you feel warm and fuzzy, reassuring you everything is going to be okay?  From your comments, emails and phone calls, I think marketers are in need of a little GDPR TLC right about now. Trust me, I’m right there with you. Preparing for GDPR is not an insignif

How to Avoid a €20 Million Mistake with your Data

2019-08-07T11:58:08-04:00By |

  At some point in our careers, we've all had a data mishap. A colleague recently shared a direct mail promotion he received from a high-end jeweler. The headline read, "KEVIN, this Valentine's day, give LESLEY the gift she really wants," along with an image of a beautiful diamond necklace. The only problem—Kevin and Lesley are brother and sis

Preparing for GDPR: It’s Not Marketing’s Job…or Is It?

2019-08-07T11:57:10-04:00By |

 “GDPR:” you’ve heard the term repeatedly and know you ought to deal with it. But you’re also wondering, does the responsibility for GDPR readiness really belong marketing?   Isn’t this more of an IT thing?  Besides, you’ve got other, more pressing tasks…good grief! Good GDPR grief that is, and all the mental agony that comes along with it. If you’

GDPR Questions. Straightforward Answers.

2019-08-07T11:57:28-04:00By |

  “Vast.” The dictionary definition is “very great in size, amount, degree, intensity, or especially in extent or range.” (Merriam-Webster) It’s a word you’ll hear often in GDPR discussions, and it is an accurate description. In fact, there are 99 articles in the GDPR, each stipulating new parameters and expectations for data transparency, acc

GDPR Implications for Your MarTech Stack

2019-08-07T11:57:37-04:00By |

If “our similarities bring us to common ground,” (Tom Robbins) we’ve reached our destination. No doubt, you have quite an assembly of tools in your MarTech stack acquired in various stages of your company journey. Each technology offers a different solution for your organization, but they all share a common ground: they access your data.  Is the GD

GDPR by the Numbers (an Infographic)

2019-09-13T14:04:31-04:00By |

A Visual Look at GDPR Contributing Factors and Compliance Preparations If you were to Google GDPR, your search would produce over 4 million results. That’s a lot of content! Assuming you don’t have time to read it all, the Perkuto team has compiled key stats to tell the story—consumer fears contributing to the legislation, how organizations are far

Marketing Strategies to Thrive in a GDPR World

2019-08-07T11:59:06-04:00By |

This post is part 2 of a 5-part series on GDPR readiness. In this previous post, I compared GDPR preparedness to a football game and the importance of both a solid offense and defense to win the game. To tackle the processing requirements of GDPR compliance, your defensive strategy involves operational adjustments and a well-documented game plan. N

GDPR: A Game Changer for Marketing Operations

2019-08-07T11:59:16-04:00By |

The first post of a 5-part series on GDPR, we discuss the importance of preparing your marketing operations to meet compliance requirements or aligning your “defensive” strategy. In the next post, we’ll discuss options for building your “offense,” including ideas for collecting customer information in an engaging manner that’s also GDPR compliant.I

Marketo Nurture Mechanics 101

2020-08-17T14:24:20-04:00By |

Time and time again, I see companies spend hours creating beautiful, targeted nurture content, only to fail to leverage Marketo’s capabilities in running and reporting on this investment. Below are some mechanics of a solidly built nurture program.

How to Leverage Marketo to Improve Email Deliverability

2019-08-02T14:15:07-04:00By |

Email deliverability… essential, yet mind-numbing. You’ve heard it all before, right?Set up SPF and DKIM      Check. Use responsive email templates.    Check. Opt in subscribers.    Check. Send targeted, relevant content.      Check - trying to, anyway. Now what? Here are some steps you can take today to leverage Marketo to clean up your database,

How to Build Powerful Reports Using Marketo Interesting Moments

2019-08-02T14:15:08-04:00By |

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. One of our favorite use for Marketo interesting moments is to use them create powerful Marketo reports showing which programs are responsible for creating the most MQLs. To do this, you’ll need to be a subscriber to Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Explorer and Marketo Sales Insight. The result: Two reports show

5 Tips for a Successful Marketo Revenue Cycle Model (RCM)

2019-08-02T14:15:09-04:00By |

  Undertaking a Revenue Cycle Model in Marketo may seem daunting - particularly if you haven’t done one before. Follow these tips to ensure success right out of the gate. 1. Ground your Marketo Revenue Cycle Model in Existing Business Processes For your Marketo Revenue Cycle Model (RCM) to be meaningful, organizational adoption is key. Therefo

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