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Scaling MOPS: What Time is the Right Time?

2021-08-30T16:38:36-04:00By |

Marketing Operations is the fourth most sought-after marketing function today, beating demand generation, product marketing, account-based marketing and relationship marketing. Although there is high demand for marketing positions, 44% of hiring managers report not being able to find qualified candidates. These statistics—from McKinley Marketing Pa

3 Tips for Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo Success

2021-08-30T16:36:31-04:00By |

Don’t get me wrong—when I hear Microsoft Dynamics (DCRM) marketers express a bit of jealousy over marketers who are using Salesforce with their Marketo instances, I completely understand. I mean, a quick look at the flow steps available in a Marketo/DCRM environment versus a Marketo/Salesforce environment gives even a non-technical marketer a good

The Top 3 Email Nurturing Problems—and How to Fix Them

2021-08-27T15:19:24-04:00By |

Is your sales team complaining because pipeline numbers are dwindling? Is your once stellar lead nurturing program now leaking prospects like a sieve? If your lead nurturing campaigns aren’t delivering the kinds of results you need, there are a number of elements that could be to blame. Let’s take a look at some common culprits that can throw a lea

Centralized Programs for Lead Source and UTM Tracking

2021-09-02T15:06:25-04:00By |

In a recent Office Hour session, the Perkuto team was asked about having a centralized program for lead source tracking and multi-touch UTM tracking. Lead Source TrackingFirst, Justin Norris, Solutions Architect at Perkuto, discussed the option of building or buying a tracking infrastructure. An out-of-the-box solution works well for the majority o

Tips and Ideas for Using Webhooks

2021-09-02T15:05:57-04:00By |

If you’re ready to unlock one of the most powerful tools in the Launch Point Ecosystem, start integrating webhooks. Webhooks are a data interaction tool that gives marketers the power to create custom flow actions based on a network of hundreds of pre-existing and user-defined databases. Consultants Justin Norris and Adam Hodgden recently shared he

Set Your Team Up for Success With Data Governance (Webinar)

2021-08-25T16:52:33-04:00By |

  In a data-driven world, you want to make sure that the information in your database is reliable. There are many external factors that play a role in maintaining dependable data, and it all stems back to your data governance framework.  Join us at 1pm ET on Thursday June 8th, 2017 to learn strategies for enhancing your data governance structu

Introducing the Engagement Marketing Maturity Model – EM3 by Perkuto

2021-08-25T16:52:05-04:00By |

We are very excited to announce that we’ve launched the Engagement Marketing Maturity Model - or EM3 as we like to call it. The EM3 is an assessment tool consisting of a few questions on each of the following dimensions:People and Processes - What does your marketing department look like? How does it operate?Marketing Automation - To what extent ar

The Ultimate Marketing Nation Summit Survival Kit

2021-08-25T16:49:24-04:00By |

We’re at t-1 week until the Marketing Nation Summit 2016 and it’s time to start thinking about what to pack -- I’m not talking basics, like toiletries and socks, rather conference essentials people often tend to forget. I asked around our team to find out what everyone’s must-haves are. Here’s our ultimate conference survival kit.

Six Tips to Get the Most Out of Your First Marketo Summit

2021-08-25T16:47:46-04:00By |

2014 was my first trip to the Marketo Summit – and it did not disappoint! The Summit had some of the best keynote presentations I’ve ever attended, and the skills that I acquired were extremely useful and applicable to my day to day work. I had gone into the Summit hoping to get some answers to questions I had and to see how other companies were ma

Practical Tips for Managing Events in Marketo

2021-08-25T16:46:48-04:00By |

Events are excellent ways to engage with your audience. Events, whether online or in person, add an increased level of engagement with you audience, helping build stronger relationships with them. Events such as webinars and trade shows are also a great way to position your company and display the knowledge of your team on a range of topics. Market

Email Best Practices for Today’s Leads

2021-08-25T16:45:37-04:00By |

image via iamwire.com According to the Email Statistics Report by the Radicati Group, there are 182.9 billion emails sent per day worldwide. That’s a lot of messages landing in peoples inboxes. How do you ensure that your messages break through the clutter and get read by recipients? Below you’ll find some key tips to help your email messages stand

Prepare Your Programs for Marketo Email Insights

2021-08-25T16:41:48-04:00By |

Marketo Email Insights is a tool that allows you to gain more information and prepare various reports on the performance of your emails. In order to get the most out of Email Insights, there's some important information you need to know, and some foundation work you'll want to do to ensure accurate reporting. Below, I will share some advice on what

Announcing our Marketo and Dynamics Webinar Series with Bedrock Data!

2021-08-25T16:37:10-04:00By |

  If you are a Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics user - this webinar series is for you! Learn more about everything you need to know when connecting Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo. The webinar series will be led by Paul Wilson, Solutions Architect at Perkuto, and Zak Pines, VP of Marketing at Bedrock Data Inc.  Marketo and Microsoft Dynamics The

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