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How Perkuto Executed a Hubspot to Marketo Migration in Just 2 Months

2022-09-23T10:58:02-04:00By |

When our client, a US-based travel company, was looking to execute a Hubspot to Marketo migration, they were quick to call in the support of the Perkuto team. We first started working with our client in 2018 when they needed assistance on one of their programs. Two years later, we helped with an Eloqua to Marketo migration. With these projects bein...

Private University Surpassed Goal by 20% through Segmentation in Marketo

2022-08-12T10:27:10-04:00By |

When Perkuto stepped in, the university was on its sixth annual giving day. Historically, they had worked with a third-party vendor but adopted Marketo in 2020 to supercharge their marketing efforts. When Perkuto evaluated the university’s Marketo Instance, they noticed that the university was using nested smart lists from 2021. By not operating ac...

How to Build a Marketo Framework Designed to Scale

2022-08-01T12:29:49-04:00By |

58% plan on increasing their utilization of Marketo in the following year, yet 32% struggle with measuring work efficiency. So, how can Marketo experts increase their Marketo utilization in a way that’s both efficient and effective? If you guessed frameworks, you’re right on target.   Building a Marketo framework is the most efficient way to scale...

How to Win Back Time for your Marketing Operations Team

2022-05-17T09:29:39-04:00By |

It’s no secret that marketing operations teams are constantly operating at capacity. With the added constraint of the marketing operations hiring crisis, managing your team’s time is as important as ever.   Project management is a powerful tool that can transform the way marketing operations teams work. With project management software saving the a...

Why are Marketo Audits on the Rise? Q&A with Jon Kent, SVP of Sales

2022-04-04T09:34:29-04:00By |

Whether you’ve had Marketo for 10+ years or are inheriting a legacy Marketo Instance, performing health checks is a crucial step to accelerating value from Marketo. We sat down with Jon Kent, SVP of Sales at MERGE, to better understand the demand for Marketo audits, how to know if your Instance is ready for an audit, and the common steps included i...

How to Protect your Brand with Error-Free Marketing Operations Campaigns

2022-03-23T12:29:23-04:00By |

Does your marketing operations team leverage a process or framework for managing your marketing stakeholder’s incoming requests? If not, now is the time to start. Frameworks and processes help you deliver flawless campaigns or project execution. In this blog, we’ll be diving into two frameworks that you can use at your organization.

How to Get Senior Leadership Onboard with Marketing Operations

2022-03-22T15:02:55-04:00By |

Does your senior leadership team understand the function of marketing operations? If you answered no, you’re not alone. A study conducted by the MO Pros found that the larger an organization is, the less likely marketing operations professionals feel understood in their role. Despite the fact that 93 percent of B2B marketers believe marketing opera...

The Future is Bright for Marketo Users in 2022

2022-03-14T13:52:15-04:00By |

As a user of Marketo, when was the last time you received a survey about your experience using the product? It had been a while for us– and this was the inspiration behind developing the annual Marketo study. The idea that ignited it all was, “what if we were to create a study (with Adobe’s consent) that would empower the Marketo community with ins...

How to Leverage Documentation to Save Time Now and in the Future

2022-04-06T10:09:42-04:00By |

We all know the old saying, “it takes time to save time.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to leveraging documentation in marketing operations. Documentation is the project blueprint and paper trail of every decision, process, and design detail. When combined, these elements result in faster build times and easier updates later on.

How to Instill Marketing Operations Confidence in Three Steps

2022-01-04T13:48:33-05:00By |

Picture this: you’ve secured executive buy-in on a marketing automation platform. One with all the bells and whistles - but there is just one thing missing. You’re not quite sure how to bring this investment to life. What you expected from this investment was a fast-track to success and maximizing your Marketo value realization, but you quickly lea...

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