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How to Control Order of Operations in Marketo

2022-03-17T11:24:14-04:00By |

If you spend significant time building in Marketo, you will very likely encounter scenarios where things don’t happen the way you’d expect. For example, you may have two different Smart Campaigns - which are perfectly functional - but produce an undesired result because they didn’t execute in the right order. Chances are, your issues are due to the...

Marketo Email Tips: Localize Dates Like Magic with Velocity

2021-08-31T14:43:11-04:00By |

If you communicate with a global audience, formatting dates in a way that’s appropriate for the recipient’s language and location can be a big challenge. Different locales order the elements of the date differently, use different punctuation, have different conventions for capitalization, and so on. Velocity email scripting makes it easy to switch...

Complete Guide to Marketo Engage Product Updates from Adobe Summit 2020

2021-08-31T10:25:05-04:00By |

Although the world around us seems to be changing on a near-daily basis, this year’s Marketo Engage feature announcements at Adobe Summit have strong continuity with announcements from last year. My overall impression: this is a focused and thoughtful plan, with a good mix of improvements to existing features and new innovations. Highlights: Accoun

Turning Attribution Data into Actionable Insights

2021-08-27T15:48:50-04:00By |

We recently came across a staggering statistic: 58% of marketers rate their ability to measure and analyze marketing performance as “needs improvement or worse.” (2018 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey Report) In other words, 6 out of 10 marketers struggle with measuring the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and demonstrating th

Which Attribution Model Is Right for You?

2021-08-27T15:29:26-04:00By |

Sometimes I think asking, “Which attribution model do you prefer and why?” would be a great (marketing) conversation starter. From single-touch to complex regression-based analysis, some marketers are passionate about a particular method while others are still contemplating which is the best option. The topic sparks an interesting discussion. Of co

Reporting and Attribution in Marketo: Comparing Your Options

2022-01-03T09:51:53-05:00By |

Attribution tools are to a marketer what a compass is to a hiker—both provide direction in your journey and guide your next steps. We’re familiar with current Marketo compasses but now Marketo has embedded a new GPS: Bizible. How does Bizible compare to the Marketo compass you’re currently using, and more importantly, how will it impact your daily

Marketing Attribution: What It Is and How It Works

2021-08-27T15:22:17-04:00By |

If there’s one area marketers get hung up on more often than not, it’s reporting and attribution. From technology limitations to a lack of knowledge to an overwhelming amount of data, understanding contribution to revenue is (arguably) a marketer’s most challenging feat. For those of you nodding your head, Marketo also understands your pain. In fac

The Complete Guide to Product Updates from Marketo Summit 2018 and the Impact on Your Marketing Operations

2021-08-27T15:12:05-04:00By |

It’s an annual tradition at Marketing Nation Summit for Marketo to announce new features and product updates. Similarly, Perkuto's post-Summit practice is to provide a summary of the discussions as well as commentary on the potential impact for your marketing operations. It’s our way of keeping you informed while keeping it real. So grab a cup of c

Automate Your Swag Marketing with Marketo Webhooks and Printfection

2021-08-25T15:33:03-04:00By |

Swag: it can be a great way to introduce yourself to leads and make loyal customers feel appreciated. But let's face it, finding really cool swag is a challenge. And most of the time you also have to spend a ton of time ordering, transporting, and distributing it. Enter Printfection. Their stuff looks awesome, and they let your swag-consumers self-

Marketo Time-Based Logic for Emails, Lead Routing, and More!

2021-08-25T15:29:56-04:00By |

Do you want to send a different message to someone if they email you during business hours or after hours? What about on the weekend? Should leads be routed to a different sales team based on the time of an inquiry? What about segmenting leads based on dayparting or day-of-week? You can do all this with Marketo and a connected CRM like Salesforce.W

The Complete Guide to New Marketo Features Announced at Summit 2015

2021-08-25T15:26:27-04:00By |

Summit 2015 has come and gone. Lucky for us, it left behind a giant gift basket of new Marketo features and functionality! Amidst all the excitement of Summit, it can be hard to figure out the nitty-gritty of what each new feature does and how it might be useful in your business. To make that job easier, we’ve done the homework for you! We've tried

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