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What Martech Democratization Means for the Org Chart

2019-08-07T11:30:21-04:00By |

The democratization of martech: the technology transition that empowers the "everyday many" to use the powerful tools that once belonged to the "elite few." Reading Scott Brinker’s post on the democratization of martech here on ChiefMartec, I found myself shaking my head in agreement. Scott made an excellent case for the impact that democratization

The Perkuto MarTech Mélange: Email Extravaganza

2019-08-02T14:13:07-04:00By |

Good morning, readers! Today, we’ll talk all about email marketing. First, we’ll share an infographic that gives email optimization hacks based on proven email marketing tactics. Then, we’ll talk about fresh ideas that will help enliven even veteran email marketer’s efforts. Next, we’ll tell you exactly how long you have to get shoppers back to the

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Good Ideas

2019-08-07T11:18:31-04:00By |

Good morning, readers! Today, we’ll discover some business-to-business digital marketing ideas that can really help your marketing efforts shine, will gain insights from more than 1 billion ecommerce emails sent in 2017, will talk about why it’s so important that we focus on the right numbers when it comes to content marketing (and those numbers ma

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Global Impact

2019-08-07T11:18:44-04:00By |

Good morning, readers! Today, we’ll talk about ways to bring your global market closer, will find out why Forrester says the social listening market has a way to go before it’s ready for the big time, and will get some advice on things we should consider after we’ve decided that we’re getting a new marketing automation platform but before we’ve dec

Leveraging Attribution for Better Results

2019-08-02T14:13:07-04:00By |

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, the size of your company or the number of staff on your team; if there’s one area marketers get hung up on more often than not, it’s reporting and attribution. From technology limitations to a lack of knowledge to understanding the influence marketing has on revenue, turning marketing performance data into

The Impact of Attribution on Your Organization—And Your Career [Infographic]

2019-08-02T14:13:07-04:00By |

Attribution and reporting are no longer “nice to have” capabilities but have become essential to success—both for the organization and marketing leaders. Did you know, the single most significant gap between a high-performing organization and a low-performing one correlates to aligning organizational-wide performance metrics with the organization's

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Mapping Success

2019-08-07T11:18:59-04:00By |

Good morning, readers! Today, we’ll talk about how to create a smooth pathway to data-driven success, will find out what industry experts say we should (or shouldn’t) do when it comes to dealing with martech bloat, and will learn why having an opinion isn’t a bad thing when it comes to creating content marketing that stands out from the crowd. A ro

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Boosting Leads

2019-08-07T11:19:14-04:00By |

Good morning, readers! Today, we’ll explore ways to boost your lead generation efforts, will talk about the best ways to create content that will stand the test of time, will empathize with Scott Brinker on what happens when bots are bad and will find out why smart speakers may be jeopardizing brand loyalty.   Boost your outbound lead gen efforts L

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: The Key to Success

2019-08-07T11:19:24-04:00By |

Good morning, readers! Today, we’ll unlock the door to improved customer experiences, will discover the secrets of successful content generation, will find out how we can tell if we’re engaging our customers in the right way and will find out what one survey says is a top concern among mid-market businesses. One key to improved customer experiences

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Dangling Carrots

2019-08-07T11:19:34-04:00By |

Happy Saturday, Mélange readers! Today, we’ll explore some tasty B2B marketing offers that prospects can’t resist, will learn about the many ways that artificial intelligence is poised to change the digital marketing landscape, will hear what 80% of marketers said concerned them about their martech vendors and will learn tips on identifying (and fi

Perkuto GDPR Series Named Nominee for Best Marketing Campaign

2019-08-02T14:13:09-04:00By |

As you may remember, our own Michelle Miles was in the news a bit earlier this year when she was named a finalist for the Marketo Revvie Champion of the Year award. Well, it may not surprise you to find out that Michelle and her right-hand gal Sarah Frazier’s hard work on the GDPR content series is getting noticed again—this time by Uberflip in its

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Bypassing Bottlenecks

2019-08-07T11:19:45-04:00By |

Happy Saturday, Mélange readers! Today, we’ll talk about the three main issues facing modern content marketers today and how to avoid letting them become content bottlenecks, will learn how we can help employees feel more comfortable with artificial intelligence, will get tips on using LinkedIn for lead generation and will see a few examples of way

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Rocket Science

2019-08-07T11:19:56-04:00By |

Good morning, Mélange fans! Today, we’ll talk about different ways that you can boost your content marketing efforts, will learn about the confusion in the industry between artificial intelligence and machine learning, will get tips straight from a CMO on cold selling to CMOs and will discover strategies for winning back lost leads. Rocket fuel for

The Perkuto Martech Mélange: Windows of Opportunity

2019-08-02T14:13:09-04:00By |

Good morning, Mélange fans! Today, we’ll tell you how the broken windows theory of policing applies to customer experience, will talk about ways that social can help improve your B2B’s overall marketing efforts, will identify the three things marketers can’t live without and will highlight a few trigger campaigns that may improve your overall conve

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