Email 2.0 templates have been around for a couple of months now, and with many companies making the transition from Marketo’s Email 1.0 editor to the new Email 2.0 editor, there’s an increased need for Email 2.0 templates that are responsive and offer the flexibility that Email 2.0 can deliver. At Perkuto, we have built an email 2.0 template that you can purchase, download and start using in your own Marketo instance today.

Allegro Email 2.0 Template Capabilities

The Allegro Template provides you with dozens of layout combinations in one single template. The email template is professionally designed, tested by Marketo Certified Experts, responsive across devices and email clients, and is easy to use and customize thanks to the new Email 2.0 Editor.

With the Allegro Email 2.0 Template, you can:

  • Improve email performance with better design and a responsive experience
  • Save time by providing your marketing team with flexible, easy to use templates
  • Avoid errors and increase quality by restricting editable elements

Allegro Email 2.0 Template Features

For this template, we cast the net wide, hoping to include more modules than you would need, in order to provide purchasers with the utmost flexibility from a single template. The Allegro template comes complete with a variety of modules that you can re-configure to meet your needs, and variables that you can edit to match your branding:

Modules (add, remove, duplicate, move up, move down):

  • Header with logo
  • Full-width banner image
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Text
  • CTA button
  • 1 column align left
  • 1 column centered
  • 2 columns with text & image
  • 3 columns with text & image
  • Footer with social icon
  • Address
  • Copyright and links

Variables that you can edit:

  • Email background color
  • Section background color
  • Link color
  • Font color (title, subtitle, text)
  • Font size (title, subtitle, text)
  • Font family
  • Logo alignment
  • Button alignment
  • Button color
  • Button label
  • Button link

For more information about the Allegro Email 2.0 Template and to purchase Click here