The Crescendo program according to me

I moved from Paris to Montréal 5 years ago for new life and adventures, here I am today!

I started studying Marketing and Information Technologies in university and got some experiences in the Ecommerce and Media sectors before being hired at Perkuto. I love new Marketing trends, and creative and innovative products and services. I am also fond of travelling, going to exhibitions, and concerts.

Why I joined Perkuto?

After studying Marketing and Information Technologies at university, I guess that working in the Marketing automation field was one of the best choice between two disciplines I love. I was thrilled by the fact I would be hired with other people and that we would receive training on a software that is victim by its own success, in the US and Canada. It is great for us to grow expertise on it, and finally be good enough to help client accomplish their marketing goals. To me being consultant is a very interesting position nowadays to discover various cultures, products or services and processes in the organisation, hence to significantly and rapidly progress. Finally I have to admit that I was seduced by Perkuto at the first glance because it is a young company with a great work environment, that has experts working worldwide, and many details showed me that I would feel right at home.

What I love about marketing automation?

I love that Marketing has to reinvent itself to stay on track. Marketing automation is not only changing the Marketing landscape, but turning it more efficient and more relevant. I not only developed a marketing awareness because of my education and former jobs, but also extended it to my day-to-day life. Thanks to Marketing automation, companies are now able to reinforce their targeting and process.

What scares me about it?

While reading about Marketing automation, working in Marketo, and doing role-play exercises; I realized that the subject is deep and rich. I now know that being a good consultant is a challenge, since you have to understand your customers fast and precisely. You also have to provide them the most of your knowledge about Marketo, and consequently the most of the software itself. Creativity is combined with processes in Marketing automation. I guess that you always want to create new things in marketing automation to satisfy your process, and so being blocked because of something creative appears as not possible would make me scared, or at least frustrated.

The coolest thing I’ve learned so far?

To me the lead nurturing features make Marketo a very powerful tool to manage customer engagement, sending them the right content at the right time and right path. I think that if companies take it really seriously, they make their customer happier and especially not overwhelmed by their Email campaigns. This is something I already experienced as a customer and could be such a waste of time and money in some companies.

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