Accedian Networks is the leader in Performance Assured Networking™ for mobile backhaul, business services and cloud connectivity. Established in 2004, Accedian Networks has an installed base that exceeds 100,000 cell sites and has over 160,000 (and counting) platforms deployed worldwide.

The Plot

Accedian was already using Marketo when they rolled out Salesforce, however the two systems weren’t connected. The Marketing Manager had to manipulate numerous Excel lists to execute campaigns and the website was creating duplicate leads in Salesforce.

The Happy Ending

Perkuto connected Salesforce and Marketo to ensure bidirectional data syncing. Once the sync was in place, Perkuto created a variety of program templates, allowing the marketing manager to quickly create and execute marketing campaigns. Perkuto also replaced all web-to-lead forms with Marketo forms and developed a custom solution to capture leads registered to the resource library of Accedian Networks website, via the Marketo Munchkin API.

The Moral of the Story 

Time is money and when you save time you save money.