Everywhere we turn, CMOs and marketing leaders are inundated with news and info about AI; in fact, according to Gartner, there are more than 1,000 companies that are either AI vendors or employ AI in their products. But just because it’s the latest acronym doesn’t mean that every organization should scramble to get their hands on it, nor does it mean that every vendor offering it is offering a truly “intelligent” solution.

To avoid falling victim to the hype, it’s important to ask yourself and your AI vendor a handful of thoughtful questions before jumping head first into the AI ocean. Here’s a handy downloadable checklist of the 7 questions you need to ask yourself and your AI vendor, along with tips on the types of answers you should be looking for.

The questions:

  1. Is our data good enough?
  2. What is our use case that we are looking for AI to solve?
  3. Can we solve this problem without AI?
  4. What are the AI system’s ongoing data requirements after deployment?
  5. What algorithms does the vendor use to power their AI?
  6. Can we give the program a demo with our own data?
  7. How will the vendor’s solution integrate with my martech stack (and can the vendor prove it?)

For answers to the questions posed above, download the checklist.