In order to get into the exciting practices and possibilities of marketing, we must look at the history, to the earliest form of record keeping we know of; the story. We have used stories as our principal means of communication back to when we were scratching on cave walls.

This practice has persisted over thousands of years.  Storytelling and reflecting on the past is truly powerful. According to business analyst, Jake Dolezal, “There is a clear power of connected stories. A story is connected from the bits and pieces and points of view from different shorter stories, that altogether, tells the most compelling version of the truth.”  We can learn an exorbitant amount from the people and brands of our past. By looking at the world around us, both past and present, we can avoid reinventing wheels and instead, create new and exciting marketing going forward. To illustrate this point, we created the Evolution of Marketing infographic, which takes us through the years of marketing, starting in good ‘ol 2700 BC, to the present days of Facebook and social media marketing.  Check out the infographic below. By understanding the paths of our past, we might be able to uncover the opportunities of the future.


Guest post by Amanda Nelson