Our Values

We believe in a better workplace.

By empowering our employees to create innovative solutions with our clients, we instill confidence in the process and ensure it’s a highly enjoyable experience for everyone.

We use deep expertise, a methodical process, and a genuine love for what we do to expand team capacity and accelerate the value of marketing operations for our clients.

Our values

An ambitious team of high-achievers, Perkuto employees live out the Perkuto values every day. Together, we make a positive difference for our clients, our colleagues, and our families— we exemplify IMPACTS.

  • Innovation

    Most of what we do didn’t exist a few years ago. We are trendsetters, seeking inspiration from everything around us, challenging and flipping assumptions to find new ways to solve complex challenges. We put our thoughts into action, as innovation is the result of many small iterations and improvements. Innovation is not limited to our products and services; it also applies to our internal processes, communications, and the experience we offer our clients.

  • Maestro

    We are passionate about what we do, seek to improve our skills, and master our art. We lead by example and are encouraged to try new things. We are not afraid of failure but instead learn and grow from it. We apply sound judgment to make the best decisions possible, supporting Perkuto’s values and our long-term vision.

  • Process

    Everything we do is a process and is well documented. We believe the outcome of process is consistent and predictable quality. Because of our processes, it’s easy to plan ahead— we know how long and how much effort is required for each task. Our processes are not carved in stone, meaning we embrace continuous improvement and always strive to offer a better customer experience.

  • Amazing

    We believe it is amazing to work at Perkuto— we keep a good balance between our work and our personal lives, and we never take ourselves so seriously that we can’t have fun. We are relationship builders and support each other.

  • Collaboration

    We learn from each other and give back. We discuss our ideas, stay open to opinions from others, bring solutions when facing a challenge, and seek help when needed.

  • Transparency

    We are open and honest, even when we make a mistake. We do not hide errors from clients or each other. We share relevant information, turn bad situations into positive solutions, and never overstate what we can do or our role. We never try to cheat or fool anyone, no matter the circumstance.

  • Speed

    We accelerate value realization and are responsive to requests. We add immediate value and make a positive impact on our clients and our colleagues. We avoid procrastination and plan ahead.