Our Values

We believe in a better workplace.

We strive to provide a better employee experience because happy employees lead to happy customers.

Making an IMPACT

At the core of our company, Perkuto employees live their lives by the Perkuto values. An ambitious team of go-getters, we strive to create a positive IMPACT on your organization:

  • Instant

    We don’t mean hurry or rush through a task or project when we say instant. Instant means adding instant value and positive impact for our clients, our team members and Perkuto as a whole. We plan ahead and don’t wait until the last minute to make tough decisions. We are responsive. We strive to respond quickly to questions and requests, even if it’s a quick note to acknowledge that we received your message and will look into it as soon as we can.

  • Maestro

    At Perkuto, we are passionate about what we do and constantly work to improve our skills and become masters of our art. We are responsible, knowledgeable and lead by example. We empower our employees to make decisions on their own and trust in their good judgement. At Perkuto, we foster a culture of learning so that our maestros can learn about a variety of tools, expanding their skill set.

  • Process

    Documentation is at the forefront of all of our processes. We train employees and provide them with resources to follow internal processes and create detailed documents for our clients. Our defined processes help us plan ahead and set realistic expectations with our clients.
    Although we have well-defined processes, they are not carved in stone and we embrace continuous improvement. If someone finds a more efficient way of doing something, we want them to share their approach with the team so that we can deliver an even better customer experience.

  • Amazing

    It’s amazing to work at Perkuto! We’ve created an environment that allows you to balance work and life responsibilities. The goal is to wow our clients at every step of their experience with us. At Perkuto, we work hard and play hard.

  • Collaboration

    At Perkuto, we learn from each other and share knowledge amongst ourselves and clients. We encourage people to raise their hand and openly discuss ideas and processes. Our team members work together on projects and make ourselves available to team members and clients alike. The team approach helps us provide quality service to our clients, as clients get to work with a TEAM, rather than one person.

  • Transparency

    Honesty and integrity are important values that each of our team members possess. We are open with our clients and set realistic timeframes for completing work. When we learn new information that a client could benefit from, we share it. If we see room for improvement, we start the conversation.