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Perkuto’s Core Values

Founded in 2013, Perkuto has built a solid foundation rooted in the company’s seven core values. Our core values define our organization as a brand, as well as the way we approach our work and our relationships with our clients.

Process and Continuous Improvement

The way we work is always evolving. The team at Perkuto regularly evaluates the way work is done, finding new ways to ensure that valuable resources are not wasted. The benefits of these process refinements are passed along to our clients, who in turn save time, money and get top notch service.


Full Transparency

Honesty and openness are important to getting the job done right. Full transparency amongst our team and our clients allows us to work together and trust that the interests of all groups are being upheld.



Completing tasks properly and on time (or even better, ahead of schedule), is important to us at Perkuto. By responding to client questions in a timely manner and making sure projects are planned in order to meet deadlines, speed and accuracy are at the core of our work. To improve speed, we use a sandboxing approach. By sandboxing the amount of time we have to complete our work, we avoid procrastination and make the tough decisions right at the beginning of the project to make sure that we can deliver on time.



There’s no one way to get the job done. At Perkuto, every idea is welcome. Perkuto employees are encouraged to speak up and share their ideas when it comes to improving processes. We don’t expect every idea to be a success. We value having a lot of ideas implemented knowing that some will be failures and other successes. What matters most is that our team members raise their hands and are taking the time to think about the work that they do.



We work with our clients to help them meet their needs and produce impactful results. We utilize a number of tools to enable collaboration amongst our team and with our clients. Coming from a diverse background with a wide range of skillsets, the team at Perkuto works together to help solve problems and provide the best possible service to our clients.


Fun Work Environment

What’s fun about all work and no play? Perkuto employees work hard to produce results for our clients, while also maintaining a fun and engaging workplace. From team meals to company retreats, we make sure to carve out some time to get to know one another outside of meetings and emails.



At Perkuto, we practice what we preach. Our core values are heavily embodied by our team and are evident in the work that we do. Not only do we help our clients to develop and implement their own content marketing strategy, we also strive to have a very strong content marketing strategy ourselves. The strategies we suggest and implement for our clients are the same ones we implement for ourselves.