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Marketo API Integration Services

From CRMs to online chat, there are a variety of tools being used to capture and update information about your leads. Perkuto’s Marketo API Integration Services offerings help you centralize this information, allowing you to create an even better experience for your leads and move higher quality prospects through to sales.
Whether your CRM solution is homebrew or standard, we can assist your team in identifying the proper information from your data source to sync to Marketo. Once this information is available to your Marketo instance, the possibilities are endless.
We will help you integrate your Marketo solution to any third-party software and help you define the proper processes to move the information between different entities. The Perkuto team can also help you transition from other marketing automation solutions to Marketo.
What’s in it for you:
  • Engage your team through the training process
  • Learn tips and tricks directly from the experts
  • Gain team assurance for future third-party integrations
  • The feeling of a job well done

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